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Monday, October 31, 2011


I know, I know. Matt's not senile. He's not a toddler. But, 'Out of the Mouths of Babes' has got nothing on him:

-Matt: Liz, it's snowing!
Liz: No way!
Matt: Yeah!... either that or it's raining... slowly....(getting quieter) Maybe it's not snow. Maybe it's rain.

-I often ask Matt to 'come look at this' when I find cute baby animal pictures online. His response this time was, 'I would rather throw up in my mouth... and swallow.'
'It isn't easy for me to calm down. I wasn't born calm... and I'm gonna die crazy!' Matthew David Preslar's response after I told him to calm down.

- (speaking of spells while watching a 'Harry Potter' movie) 'So, why didn't she just use that one in the first place? I don't understand magic at all.'

-(pointing to the 'not-socks' I was wearing) 'They're like little lingerie pantyhose on your feetsies!.... every young man is turned on by lace.'

-(during his Pharmacy rotation break and after I confronted him about drinking ALL of our Mt. Dew stash) 'That's what happens when you have nothing to do.... you fall into vices.'

-(saying prayers before bed)
Matt: It's your turn
Liz: No, it's your turn. I said it last night.
Matt: Well, it must've been pretty uneventful, cause I sure don't remember that.

- (after listening to me lament about how my weight fluctuates uncontrollably 7-12 lbs, and how, 3 weeks after our wedding (photos!), I promptly lost 12 pounds. STUPID HORMONES! ... anyway...) 'Liz, we men like curvy women...*continues driving through 30 seconds of silence* ... not so much 'roll-y', but curvy.'

-(on the couch and out of the blue on a weekend when we'd both been inoculated with a case of the blahs) 'Aren't we supposed to relax and feel good?! This is bull crap! I feel like crap!'

- 'You're always copying me like a little sister, Liz.' (He was eating an apple and I asked him to throw me one.)

- (attempting to mock me for stuttering) 'Please, speak... in complete paragraphs.'

- (picking me up for church and observing my vintage dress) 'Hi, sweetie. Ah, you look like a third grade teacher.'

- (during a small argument) 'If you're happy, I'm happy... that's why I'm mad all the time!'

Matt also likes to scold me occasionally by way of false compliments.

-'Well, you are dressed very austentaciously!.... you look... good.'

-'You are so adept at teaching, you can prepare your whole lesson during sacrament meeting!' (this was not true)

This kid makes me laugh! Love you, Matt ;)


  1. LOVE IT!!!! I was dying. You two crack me up--move back to Poky or maybe we will just stalk you for the rest of our lives. :)

  2. This is hilarious! What a great sense of humor your husband has... Even if it is sometimes at your expense. ;)