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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Because it's a shame to wait until tomorrow

   I've always considered myself a goal oriented person.  In fact, in a recent interview when I was asked to give two words to describe myself, 'goal (hyphen) oriented' was one of them.  I wanted to answer 'sparkly' and 'amazing' just to see a reaction, but I digress.  I like to make lists.  I like to push myself to do things I've never done before-- big or small.
   I've deteriorated.  I've been wary of setting new goals lately, because I'm disappointed in the lack of my own follow through. Gumption.  Mojo.  Motivation.  It's not there.  While I've had more time on my hands than, well, EVER before (thank you State of New York for taking 4 WHOLE MONTHS to process one tiny RN license), I feel like I've accomplished next to nothing in that time. As the Yiddish proverb goes, "The hardest work is to go idle."  I'm hoping that I may hold myself more accountable by making a few of my goals public.  (And by NOT waiting 'til tomorrow, or the next day, or the next day, when this list is more perfect or complete)  It's time to get back to work.  (No pun intended)

1)  Languages.  I have the basics of Spanish down thanks to my Argentina trip, and Rochester is one of the most densely populated areas in the US for deaf people.  The LDS services I attend are translated into both Spanish and American Sign Language.  I don't want to waste this opportunity.  By the time Matt graduates from med school, I would like to be proficient in both Spanish and ASL (and, hey, my English vocab could use some work, too).  Not sure how to break it down into 2013, but I'm starting with an ASL class tomorrow!

2)  Diet.  I want to be more conscientious of what I am putting into my body--- less processed junk, more natural and organic foods.  I gave up pop for lent last year, I'm pretty sure it's time to kick it for good.  I want to try green smoothies and cut my sugar intake.

3)  Complete a half-ironman distance (1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike, 13.1 mile run) triathlon.  Why not?

4)  Publish at least twice.  (Why are those essays still sitting in a folder on my desk?!)

5)  Read at least 30 (quality) books.

6)  Plan and carry out a 10 year high school reunion well worth attending.


Wish me luck!


  1. Wait, Matt's in Med school? Wow. I think these sound like great goals. Go for it!

    1. Yep... because the first doctorate wasn't enough? Sometimes I wonder how we got here, but for the most part he LOVES school, and it's been an adventure living somewhere completely new. How are things with you? Your kids are getting so big!

  2. i feel ya on getting licenses transferred, still waiting for mine that i submitted in september. le sighhh. i love your awesome & inspiring goals! YOU GO GIRL!

  3. Liz. I have completely enjoyed seeing your updates on FB since you posted those high school pictures a few months ago! It has been fun to reconnect in a way. Do you realize that although we are both far from Preston, we only live FIVE hours from each other? So driveable! (I'm down in PA.) I hope we can visit sometime. Also, I read your blog after you posted the link, and it made me laugh to see that a couple of years ago you scoffed at your former desire to learn sign language . . . I love that it's back. Good luck with all of your goals!

    1. I love facebook for that reason. I feel so fortunate to have had such an awesome high school experience. We do live close! It would be great to see you and meet up some time. We only live half an hour from Palmyra and an hour from Niagara, so keep that in mind!
      I didn't even realize about the ASL until you pointed it out and then I remembered... oh, how things change. :)

    2. Hey Liz! This is Colby Cole. Let me know when that High School Reunion is. I would like to come if it doesn't fall on a military drill weekend. Aren't they normally on rodeo weekend in Preston? If you are sending invitations I live in Clarkston Utah. Geographical odyssey I know. 25 minutes from everywhere. My address is PO Box 128 Clarkston UT 84305. Good to here your life is so adventurous and positive. Hope this year turns out as amazing as last year appeared to be.

  4. This is AWESOME! So when we hang out, green smoothies are in order. I'm just sayin', I make a good one:)