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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Bad Words

It's taken me awhile to jump on the blog bandwagon. Why? I'm a procrastinatus maximus, I don't like to write something unless I can perfect it and that takes a long time, and... I hate the word 'BLOG'. Who came up with that word? What does 'blog' even mean? Who likes to say, 'Yeah, I spent the morning blogging away.' --- rolls right off the tongue. 'Blog' reminds me of 'bleh'. There are a few other words I can think of in the English language that fit into this category of bad words. -blog-bleh-vernal,utah-fistula-harold-fetch-boob-minority-... I'll have to add more when I think of them (lest I delay my first post because it's incomplete and imperfect)


  1. Well, now that you've started, you can't stop because I'm going to stalk you. =)

  2. Just since you asked, blog is the shortened version of weblog. You can say, "Yeah, I spent the morning weblogging away." if you feel that rolls off your toungue any easier. Thanks for inviting me, your posts are fun and you guys are so cute together. Sorry I can't help but say it. I involuntarily said "AWWW!" out loud while I was readng your short story when Matt proposed. What a great story!