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Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Well, the bad news is... I wrote a cheesy, shameless plug for Shutterfly on my blog. The good news is... I got 50 free Christmas cards made because of it and then deleted said post. I have a silly little friend with a silly little idea (see list below) I am going to try until I come up with something to write about or lose motivation all-together.

The "challenges" are as follows:
1) post a picture of yourself and how your day was
2) post a picture of something you ate today
3) post a picture of your best friend
4) post a picture of yourself from 2 years ago
5) post a picture of a pet or a pet your wouldn't mind having
6) picture of the last item you purchased
7) your favorite place to eat
8) What is in your make up bag
9) picture of the town you live in
10) favorite musician
11) TV show you're currently addicted to
12) something you don't leave your house without
13) your celebrity crush
14) picture of you and your familia
15) something you crave alot
16) picture of something that makes you happy
17) 15 facts about you
18) pic ture of something that means a lot to you
19) what is in your purse
20) your favorite movie

Day #1
Yep, work at 0545 followed by a nap in my new pj pants, some laundry, and my bun-headed, sweatshirted body getting to the gym.... nothing too exciting. One of my cases today was a total vaginal hysterectomy and I've added a pic to help you visualize the offending organ (and more fully understand a day in my life :). Favorite quote of the day (224lb 14-year old girl under the influence of Versed, on the way back to the operating room to have her gallbladder removed)
"You guys aren't going to see my 'stuff', right?!"
By 'stuff', I'm assuming she meant her nether region and I'm happy to say we did not.


  1. WHAT?! They take all of that out when you get a hysterectomy?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OUCHIE. P.S. Love the blog!!!

  2. I really shouldn't have looked at this just before Dana and I are about to go out to eat...

  3. LIZ!!!! I found your blog. yes! and I loved the post. You make me laugh friend. you've also inspired me to update my blog better. Where's the rest of the days of your blog challenge?