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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

things to accomplish before i die

I first wrote my 'bucket list' in September of 2002 (*please note how this was pre 'Bucket List' movie time and that it was a bit more of an original idea.) Of the productive things I did today (sleep, empty the bathroom garbage, listen to some country music) I took the time to flip through some old journals and reviewed this list. It was quite interesting as I haven't looked at it in a long time...
The are the things I've already done (a few examples):
10) climb Mt. Borah
7) go skydiving
102) witness a miracle
22) learn to juggle (thanx be to Dana)
40) learn to moonwalk (thanx be to Dana)
28) go streaking
85) help build a Habitat for Humanity house
213) ride in a limo
178) try sushi
18) visit Paris with my husband

things I will most likely never do:
217) be on 'American Gladiator'
184) learn sign language (did I ever REALLY want to do that?)
163) teach myself to be ambidextrous
159) find a four-leafed clover
118) be a guest on Oprah (only cause her show is done ;)
86) solve the Rubiks cube
2) win at least 3 state championships (only got one)
45) triple jump 36'
103) wink with my right eye

things I could and should be doing now:
14) run a half marathon
34) learn to cross country ski
58) read the entire bible
224) learn to play Moonlight Sonata on the piano
221) learn German
150) make caramel like my moms
117) be able to identify every country on a map
87) have a 6-pack (pretty sure this is the closest I'll ever get)
60) sew
106) ollie on a skateboard

and things I most look forward to:
153) canoe Loch Ness
161) get a puppy for Christmas
223) earn a Master's degree
214) grow a live oak in my yard
30) experience childbirth (naturally)
26) see a whale in the wild
68) hand milk a cow (I've milked a goat... Kris, Katie, I may could use your help on this one)
90) buy someone a car
131) run all the stairs in the Empire State Building
171) climb Mt. Kilimanjaro
134) visit my ancestors hometowns in Wales and Sweden
140) bungee jump off a bridge
185) write a meaningful fiery letter to the editor
206) hug a giant sequoia

Best be picking a few and getting going...


  1. How in the world can you grow up in Preston and never hand milk a cow? I see a serious gap in your experience level.

    But good for you on the Paris and the skydiving!

  2. I vote that the next thing be get a puppy for Christmas!!!

  3. STREAKING?! Liz, I thought your love of skinny dipping was crazy but this is even better!!!!! Why didn't my fam move to P-town sooner?!

  4. I found a five-leafed clover. Is not impossible!