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Monday, March 21, 2011

Smelly guy, smelly guy.... what are they feeding you?

So, today was smelly guy day at the gym. If you're a guy, smelly (like super BO + rancid curry smelly) and you were lookin' to do some flyaways, I'm sorry you missed it. I wish I had.

In other recent news, I observed some gym guy (not on smelly guy day) doing incline sit-ups as I walked towards the stairs. It was one of those really neat moments in time when you get to watch a person who doesn't know they're being watched even though they're in full-view public. He did a couple sit-ups, then paused mid sit-up to palpate his abs through his white wife-beater for 10 full seconds. This was not enough, however as he then pulled his shirt up (now shaking from holding this half-sit-up position) for an up close gander. I'm not sure if he actually sniffed, tasted, or took photos of his abdomen as I rounded the corner and descended the stairs. Men and their muscles. I hope he found what he was looking for.
In a trip to WinCo today I narrowly escaped being run down by a 30-something woman on a scooter. She, though perfectly capable of walking into the shelves, chose instead to back into a neatly arranged row of chocolate chip granola bars. It should be noted she was wearing a pair of Sketchers- Shape-Ups.

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