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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

We're cheap.

Example 1) Recently, on an outing to our nearest Jack In The Box (my priorities have sunk from eating healthy meals at home, to simply ensuring I don't go to bed hungry) this was made manifest in full form. After inhaling a delectable sourdough jack (*favorite) and on the way out of this fine dining establishment, I dumped mine and Matt's tray contents in the handy swinging door marked 'waste'.
It was then, with a look and tone insinuating high treason, Matt said, "Did you really just throw that away?!" I felt panic rise up in my chest and confusion muddle my mind.... "the drink... did you throw it away?!"
Like a forlorn puppy with an untrained bladder, I answered, 'Uh, yeah....' Matt rolled his eyes and shook his head, leaving no question he disapproved. Naturally, we had paid for a drink and Matt did not plan on leaving the restaurant without his free 20oz refill to take home and place in the fridge where it may or may not become flat and watered-down. We did leave. I, without regrets, and Matt, without a drop of diet Coke to rub my nose in.

Example 2) My last, um, 4 haircuts have been at ISU's trusty College of Technology Cosmetology program. (And the one before that, I made Matt do) Today was no different. It was only when my student-hair dresser was removing my protective cape, that my suspicions were fully confirmed and she (with a smile as big as Ronald McDonald's) revealed I was her '1st-ever real haircut on the floor!'. She actually did a good job-- it just took forever and my head hurt afterwards. I would expect a bit more R&R from a haircut, but hey, I'll take what my $3 will buy.

Wait, there's More) I bought Matt a nice, white, church shirt yesterday... on clearance for $12... Memorial Day sale making it $6... and then I brought a dust smudge to the attention of the sales clerk and got it for $3!

My first cell phone was kept in a 'case' I made from fabric and duct tape.

It took us 2 years to cowboy up and purchase mountain bikes. (something worth getting my hands on 8 years ago when I first moved to Pocatello)

We shop at WinCo. Yes, even the produce.

If yard-saling were a sport, we'd be state champions.

We don't have a single piece of furniture that was not pre-owned (unless you count the bookshelves we built)... let's not even talk about the clothing in my closet.

Sometimes I feel fabulously frugal, and sometimes I step back and think we're stingy and silly. Regardless, it's fulfilling to have some self-discipline in these matters. That, and a good bargain gets me high.


  1. Well there are times to be cheap, there are times to be frugal, and then there are times to just grow up and step up and lay out the green.

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE getting the best deal on most everything I buy. I joke with people that someone in my family must have been Jewish, but it's not true. My family has been mormon for as long as anyone can remember.

    However some things if you pay more for upfront they will last you far longer and save you lots of money in the long run. Some things though, even if you pay more for them, they aren't really any different than the less expensive versions. You just wasted your money.

    Be careful with Dollar Stores. Most people go in with the 'oh it's just a dollar' attitude and get into trouble buying far more than they needed. And pay attention to the prices! Most $1 items at a dollar store can be had for 0.67 cents at Walmart.

    Clothes? Don't waste the money on stupid designer labels. You are only going to wear it twice and get bored with it anyway.

    Food? There are plenty of healthy options on the value menus if you pay attention. $1 side salads and a baked potato at wendy's works for me. Our local chinese restaurant makes a great healthy lunch special with more than I can eat for $3 from 11-3 Monday-Friday.

    Groceries, Sundries, Health and Beauty Aids? Trust me no matter what shape or size or expensive ad you've seen on TV, you should do your best to save as much as you can on these items. I am a coupon queen! They hate me at the supermarket. Well maybe hate is too strong a term, perhaps just greatly dislike...

    Cars and Houses? DON'T SKIMP! You WILL regret it in the long run!

  2. I'd say the exasperation Matt showed at your disposal of a free drink stems not only from frugality, but also from plain old common sense (which has now been renamed rare sense).

  3. I always have to get my refill too. Matt, I understand. :)