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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Bunnies, duckies, and fireflies, oh my!

   I went for a solid bike ride to Pittsford via the Canal Trail at dusk tonight.  The ducks were plentiful and I loved watching them ride the waves when a boat went by.  I misjudged the time of sunset and the way back was darker than I like, but the fireflies were awesome!  But my FAVORITE thing was my pacer bunny.  Ever driven down a back road, rustled up a rabbit, and then chased it for a few hundred feet?   I don't know why they run a straight line in front of the vehicle instead of simply veering off,  but I love that.
   My bike scared up a little brown bunny and he ran on the edge of the asphalt right next to me.  We kept company (doing maybe 25 mph) for a good fifty feet before he realized he could just stop and be rid of me.  I hope it happens again.

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